Avoiding Common Construction Traps

The Benefits of CPM Consultants

Just like any job in life, completing a construction job on time requires the communication and cooperation of many different people. There are many forces at work on any one project, and it can be difficult at times to oversee everything and pinpoint all the potential issues that could arise. This is where a CPM Consultant can step in. Our trained management consultants are well-equipped to handle just about any challenge you throw at them.

Construction Scheduling Consultants

Frequently, some of the most basic of errors can be easily avoided by utilizing proper scheduling techniques. Workers are more apt to be on the same page when the schedule is meticulously mapped out. With Nova Consulting Services on board, you never have to worry about deadlines, mix-ups, or miscalculations. We will work with you to erect, remodel, and reform where ever you need help.

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How TCO Management Consulting Can Help You

The Advantage of Management Consultants

The many tasks of a Contractor or Subcontractor, especially as they get incrementally closer to completion of a project, can be daunting to say the least. Oftentimes the high demand on the workforce at the end of a project makes it difficult to concentrate on testing. In addition, many system installers can be so confident their installations are functional that they do not execute thorough pre-inspection testing.

Construction Scheduling

The experts at Nova Consulting have a proven track record of helping projects across the finish line. We can assist with in-house testing of: fire alarms, BMS, HVAC equipment, Smoke evacuation, stairwell pressurization, elevator recall, generator, and fire sprinklers. Turn to Nova Consulting for your construction scheduling and TCO management needs, and rest assured that your next projected is completed effectively and efficiently.

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Relieving the Burdens of a Government Project

CPM schedule construction

Regardless of what U.S. city you’ve lived in—whether it was where you were raised or you moved there for a career, we’ve all experienced the construction project that just doesn’t seem to end. Bridges, highways, street maintenance and more has all gotten in the way at one point or another. Projections are almost never met on time, and the citizens of a given city are left to deal with consequences for many more years than anyone wants.

scheduling consultants

As a team of consultants with real world construction consulting experience, we here at Nova are ready and eager to help. Our track record precedes us, as multiple government institutions have relied on us for help: US Army Corps of Engineers, US Veteran’s Administration, Department of Homeland Security, and the California Department of Transportation. We have the necessary experience to help get your project from the drawing board to completion. Take a look at what we can do for you and why Nova Consulting is a prime choice for your CPM scheduling needs: http://www.novaconsultingsvcs.com/CPM-Scheduling.html

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Three Important Steps To Construction


  1. Consult The Client

Make sure you and the client are on the same page regarding design, cost, and completion date. You don’t want to get half way through the project and have to change course.

  1. Permits

File all applicable state and local permits and double check everything. There’s nothing worse than sitting around a construction site waiting to finish because something wasn’t up to code.

  1. CPM Scheduling

With any large project it’s important to have a plan of attack, and the best way to do that is with CPM scheduling.

For any construction project big or small, Nova Consulting Services will make sure you’re on track and completing the job at maximum efficiency.

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3 Reasons to Use Construction Site Supervisors


  1. Extra Eyes: Construction sites can get disorganized and dangerous. Having a site supervisor present, monitoring progress, helps keep your whole team on track.
  2. Quick Training: Do you have new employees who need quick training? Using the services of a construction site supervisor allows new employees to train without compromising the progress of the greater job.
  3. Efficiency Boost: Construction site supervisors can train your workers in efficiency tactics, so your project does not fall behind schedule.

Would you like to hire a construction site supervisor to aid your construction site? Nova Consulting Services offers the services of quality construction site supervisors, to help your site run smoothly and efficiently.

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3 Benefits of Project Scheduling


  1. Projects finish on time – One of the most important benefits of project scheduling, is that your project is finished on the agreed time. You may even finish it early, which can result in a bonus.
  2. Work is more efficient – Schedules gives every part of your project a set time, allowing you to make all of your tasks more efficient. You can take the time to schedule your projects in a way that has all the tasks flow together.
  3. You can keep time better – Knowing when a task should be finished, allows you to make sure you’re finished by that time. Once you notice you’re not moving fast enough, you’ll pick up the pace.


http://www.novaconsultingsvcs.com/ has all the tools necessary to make your work site more efficient. Call them today and get a quote.


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